Uncategorized March 17, 2022

We can help Ukraine.

Hey, it’s me, Anna.
This past month has weighed heavy on my family and me. As many of you know, I am Ukrainian. My siblings and I were born in Rivne, Ukraine, just 300km from the Polish border. My dad, Andrey, served in the Soviet military at the age of 19-21. After he received his honorable discharge as a Sargent, he met the love of his life (My mom, Lana) and went back to school to pursue his calling to be a pastor. After graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, he continued to serve as a pastor in multiple locations and taught at the Bible Institute he graduated at. After a tough decision, my parents decided to move my brother, sister, and me to the U.S. in 2000 for the “American Dream”.
Two years ago, my parents decided to move back to their home to resume the lives they once left, serving people and reconnecting with their roots. While it was a tough decision to leave their kids and grandkids, they had our full support.
We are thankful that my parents were in the U.S. when the war started. But, my dad was feeling called to return to Ukraine to serve in any way he can. After some thought and research, he will be leaving on 3/23/22 to help fleeing refugees.
His goal: transport refugees, who are mostly women and children, over the border to find safe shelter, provide necessary food and hygiene, assist refugees with filling out necessary documents (Andrey is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and understands Polish), counsel people through PTSD and trauma, help local authorities organize refugee communities. At the same time, he plans on shipping food, medicine, and other goods to people in Ukraine.
My goal: to raise money for transportation for refugees fleeing to Poland, Hungary, and Romania. Your donations will provide food, hygiene products, and pay for short-term/long-term shelter. Although we would love to collect physical donations of hygiene products, food, and medicine, there isn’t a way to transport those donations. With your financial donations, the goal is to have money on hand so that Andrey and his team can buy products needed for the refugees.
With your donations, we are able to show our love, comfort, and support.
All With Love,
The Odemchuk Family
Harbornest Team